The VIATAG® idea

The communication of vehicles with their environment is one of the most dramatic developments in the near future and will make  road-traffic safer and more efficient. Moreover, the integration of value-added services through intelligent communication systems enables a variety of services, which in the future can provide the driver with useful information and enable integrated services.

In the development of VIATAG, the views and interests of the mobile end-user played the central role. By combining our products with those of our business and network partners, we want to establish new functions and help shape a sustainable future for the infrastructure sector.  Through various co-operation models , VIATAG provides a  comprehensive approach to achieving goals together which individually would not be affordable. . The combination of the latest state-of-the-art  technology with the use of existing systems, results in benefits and significant added value  for the end-user  as well as for operating companies. The aim of VIATAG is to simplify all vehicle-related applications in order to add value for the user, as well as for the operating companies. Thus we create barrier-free mobility in both stationary as well as flowing road-traffic.