STEPN Reveals Apple Pay Integration, Huobi Ordered to Stop, DCG Misses $630M Payment


  • STEPN app integrates with Apple Pay for in-app purchases.
  • Huobi Global ordered to stop operations in Malaysia by the Securities Commission.
  • Hotbit, DCG and BXB Capital make various crypto announcements.

STEPN App Integrates With Apple Pay

Crypto fitness app STEPN revealed that it is the first blockchain gaming app to secure an integration with Apple Pay. This allows users to use Apple Pay as a method to purchase STEPN products and upgrades in-app on the STEPN app, removing the need to use a crypto wallet.

Huobi Global Ordered To Stop Operations In Malaysia

The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) has ordered Huobi Global Limited to stop operations in the country, saying that it had been operating its crypto exchange without registration. The SC took action against CEO Leon Li as well for operating illegally in Malaysia. “In addition, the SC has ordered Huobi Global Limited to […] disable its website and mobile application on several platforms such as Apple Store, Google Play and any other digital application platform,” said the press release.

Hotbit Closes Shop

Hotbit said it will cease all operations on May 22 after being active for over five years. The team believes that centralized exchanges (CEX) are becoming increasingly cumbersome, with highly complex and interconnected businesses that are difficult to comply with, whether for compliance or decentralization, and are unlikely to meet long-term trends. All users have been asked to withdraw their remaining assets before June 21.

DCG Missed A $630M Payment

Digital Currency Group (DCG) missed a $630 million payment it was meant to send to its subsidiary Genesis Global Capital earlier this month. The payment was part of an agreement between both companies which stipulates DCG’s majority stake in Genesis Global Capital would be paid through weekly payments of $630 million over two years starting from March 16 2021.

BXB Capital Raising Funds Exclusively In BTC

BXB Capital announced a capital raise exclusively in bitcoin (BTC). According to their announcement, they will be raising capital from qualified investors globally by offering exclusive access into various cryptocurrencies and digital assets via their tokenized venture fund platform which is powered by Bitcoin Suisse AG’s Digital Asset Vault technology infrastructure .